The power of light and the poetry of darkness: do you dream what you see or do you see what you dream?


1st Netzhaut Ton Film Festival Wiener Neustadt
27th-30th August 2020
4 days of film and sound


Films, concerts, live events and cinema under the stars: The “Netzhaut Ton Film Festival” Wiener Neustadt takes place in the Mayor’s Garden (“Bürgermeistergarten”) right in front of the “Museum St. Peter an der Sperr” and in the cinema in the Wiener Neustadt city theatre (“Stadttheater”).


The retina: Where the image is upside down


The focus of the Netzhaut Ton Film Festival Wiener Neustadt is not on the multitude of films but on the content and approaches. Double features combine a feature film and a documentary to form a thematic focus, looking for areas of friction, exploring social combat zones and demanding discourse.


With the Netzhaut Ton Film Festival we are continuing the long tradition of film that has shaped our city. Wiener Neustadt has already made a name for itself with international festivals and open-air events in the past. With Netzhaut, thanks to the commitment of Katharina Stemberger and Fabian Eder, we are now able to set completely new accents in this area and offer films at the highest level. The Bürgermeistergarten has been transformed into a popular event location since the renovation in 2019, which offers incomparable flair, and which will therefore also make the festival a special event. Simultaneously we rely on the city theatre, where a theatre cinema was located for many decades and where we were able to revive the tradition with a high-quality film program a few years ago. The aim of the festival is to deepen the film in our city and to set a visible sign for the art of filming in Wiener Neustadt.

Mayor Wiener Neustadt
Klaus Schneeberger


Dear culture enthusiasts!
Dear visitors!

Lower Austria has an excellent reputation as a country of culture both nationally and internationally. The many facilities and initiatives of our state offer visitors a diverse cultural programme, in a wide variety of shades.
I am glad that the "Netzhaut Ton Film Festival" was launched this year, despite the great challenges of the past few months.
Festivals like this once again show our open-mindedness, dynamics and creativity in the state of Lower Austria.

I wish the initiators of the “Netzhaut Ton Film Festival” all the best for the first edition and you wonderful events!

Johanna Mikl-Leitner

The day ticket includes all chargeable events of the day, with the exception of the walking concerts, for which an additional ticket must be purchased. It is not possible to buy day tickets online. Day tickets must be reserved by calling 02622 373 311. The tickets can be picked up and paid for at the info point in the Old Town Hall (Hauptplatz 1-3) from the time of reservation; but no later than 1 hour before the start of the performance at the respective venue, after which the reservation expires automatically.

At the Stadtheater you can pay by card and cash. At the Bürgermeistergarten you can only pay cash.

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The excellent connection from Wiener Neustadt also enables most festival visitors to travel to the festival easily, inexpensively and environmentally friendly by public transport. The venues are just a few minutes' walk from the train station.

Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt: Herzog-Leopold-Straße 17
Bürgermeistergarten: Johannes-von-Nepomuk-Platz 1

The last train back to Vienna leaves at 12:11 am and arrives at Vienna Central Station at 12:59 am.

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Wr. Neustadt offers overnight stays in all price ranges.

Infopoint Altes Rathaus:
Hauptplatz 1–3, 2700 Wiener Neustadt
Telefon: +43 2622 373-311 

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Film Program
We show international feature films, documentary films and up-and-coming young filmmakers as part of our three-part program series. In the presence of the filmmakers, the selection is dedicated to this year's focus on Truth and Reality.

To The Program

They come from film schools and they will shape the image of our world in the future: genuine, fresh, humorous, furious, lamenting, rebellious. Today they show what we will see tomorrow: the filmmakers of tomorrow!

To the Program

Music Program
The music program transforms the city centre into a venue and listening area and connects the city theatre and the Mayor's Garden.

To The Program

Mayor’s Garden
Breakfast, sundowners, concerts, panel discussions and cinema under the stars: audiences, young people, filmmakers, musicians and the press meet in the shade of the trees in the Mayor’s Garden.

Jury Feature Film

Tereza Kotyk
Born in Prague, Tereza Kotyk lives and works as a writer and director in Austria. She studied at the universities in Vienna, Innsbruck and Dijon, attended the Actor’s Studio in Manchester and has the EKRAN certificate from the Wajda Film School in Warsaw. Her film Home is Here was screened at the International Film Festival Prague, the Festival del Cinema Europeo Lecce, the Filmkunstfest Schwerin and many more. She received the Filmkunstfest Schwerin screenplay award.


Riem Higazi
The presenter Riem Higazi was born in Egypt and grew up in Lower Austria and Canada. She moderates the Austrian radio station FM4, inter alia the programs Update or Reality Check and occasionally supports the Morning Show team.

Gregor Seberg
The actor and cabaret artist Gregor Seberg was born in Graz and studied at the Music and Art Private University in Vienna. He has appeared in countless TV and cinema productions and is known to a wide audience from the series Soko Donau, in which he played a leading role for a long time.

Jury Documentay

Houchang Allahyari
Houchang Allahyari was born in Tehran (Iran) in 1941, came to Austria as a teenager, studied medicine and is still a specialist in psychiatry and neurology. Allahyari is known to the general public as a director of successful cinema films that have received awards at numerous international festivals.

Lukas Beck
The photographer Lukas Beck studied ethnology at the University of Vienna. His work specializes in music, theater and film. His pictures have been shown in the Vienna Leopold Museum, the Westlicht Photo Gallery and the Palais Coburg and he has photographed for many Austrian and international media, including for Die Zeit or The New York Times.

Peter Hudler
For the Viennese cellist Peter Hudler, his instrument is by far not only at home in the classical orchestra. Although he is dedicated to chamber music, he likes to combine genres from baroque to rock, jazz, classic modern and improvisational elements. Peter Hudler has performed as a solo cellist, among others with the Camerata Salzburg, the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, the Niederösterreichischen, Le Concert Olympique and at the Vienna State Opera.

Jury Up-and-Coming

Kurt Schwertsik
Without a doubt, it is thanks to Kurt Schwertsik's humorous and ironic disposition that Schwertsik is not only one of the most played contemporary Austrian composers. Schwertsik taught at the University of California, at the Vienna Conservatory and until his retirement in 2003 at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Kurt Schwertsik celebrated his 85th birthday in June this year.

Luz Olivares Capelle
Luz Olivares Capelle was born in Argentina and studied at the E.N.E.R.C in Buenos Aires, as well as at the Film Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her work has been awarded the Austrian Film Prize for Short Film, the Max Ophüls Prize, the Grand Prix for International Short Film at the Cork Film Festival and the prize for the best Austrian fiction short film on the Diagonale and on VIS.

Alexandra Schneider
Born in Switzerland, Alexandra Schneider trained as a social scientist before finally directing and editing at the Vienna Film Academy. As director and / or editor, Alexandra Schneider is responsible for a large number of films, for which she, among others, was awarded the Social Awareness Award at the Crossing Europe Festival Linz and the audience award of the Human Rights Film Festival.

Artistic Directors
The focus of the Netzhaut Ton Film Festival Wiener Neustadt is not on the multitude of films. With so-called »Double Features« we are looking for a combination of a feature film and a documentary film for areas of artistic friction, for social battlegrounds and for an exchange with the audience. We show international feature films, documentary films and up-and-coming young filmmakers as part of our three-part program series. In the presence of the filmmakers, the selection is dedicated to this year's focus on “Truth and Reality”. Each evening there will be a big open-air event at the Mayor’s Garden.

"The Netzhaut Ton Film Festival is an exchange about film and music while having an espresso or sundowner, conversations with refreshing new impulses with a summer feeling under the starry sky” - Katharina Stemberger and Fabian Eder, artistic directors

Musical Directors
Their songs are stunningly beautiful, in an almost calming modesty they stop the time, as if it was the most natural thing, and we, who listen, wish that this fleeting moment may remain. The music program of 2020 will be curated and designed by “Die Strottern”, Klemens Lendl and David Müller … and they will be performing as well!


Artistic Directors
Katharina Stemberger, Fabian Eder

Film Program
Daniel Ebner, Fabian Eder, Sigrid Hadenius, Astrid Heubrandtner

Music Program and Events
Klemens Lendl, David Müller, Katharina Stemberger

Bernhard Fellinger, Katharina Stemberger

Production Management
Hanne Lassl, Astrid Heubrandtner

Coordination Stadt Wiener Neustadt
Stefan Kumnig

IJK | presse + marketing, Ines Kaizik-Kratzmüller

Team English Whitfield, Wiener Neustadt

Social Media & Web Editor
Gregor Schmidinger

Branding & Website
CIN CIN – Studio for Motion, Print & Web Design