Doublefeature Hush Now Baby, Don’t You Cry

The relationship between parents and children is characterized by love even in its inevitable and necessary conflicts. The trust in it creates security, but also a great vulnerability. A family offers children protection from a hostile, harsh world. Both films focus on large family structures that can be described as "clans." The economic and, above all, emotional dependencies demand questionable loyalties that lead the protagonists to their limits and beyond.

"From the beginning, I was interested in the portrayal of violence. What is it and how can it manifest itself? In our story, love and violence coexist; it is present at the breakfast table, in every smile, every conversation, every tenderness. So it is not violence in itself that creates a disturbing feeling, but the fact that it is accompanied by affection. That's the destructive power of family love." Jeanette Nordahl on her debut film "Wildland"

Forced integration into society defines new challenges and demands a different approach to what unites the Enache family of eleven, who until then lived in the wilderness of a river landscape. The film "Acasă, My Home" shows how an old-style family clan begins to disintegrate in the environment of modern civilization.

"The film also revolves around one of modern man's greatest dilemmas: go back to nature, where life is free but hard, without the benefits of civilization? Or to be part of a society that offers possibilities of a comfortable life, but only for those who are willing to take on the pressure that comes with that comfort?" Radu Ciorniciuc on "Acasă, My Home"

02:00 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021
Doublefeature „Hush Now Baby, Don‘t You Cry“ – Part 1

Acasă, My Home
2020, Radu Ciorniciuc

For two decades, the Enache family - nine children and their parents - lived in a hut in the wilderness of a river and swamp landscape just outside Bucharest. The reservoir is one of the largest urban nature reserves in the world and includes countless small lakes with hundreds of species of animals and rare plants. When the authorities decide to place this rare ecosystem under protection, the Enache family must resettle in the big city, in a reality that is completely foreign to them. In the process, the children trade more than just their fishing rods for cell phones.

Radu Ciorniciuc succeeds in making a poetic film that nevertheless enjoys the foundation of journalistic work. The life of the Enache family in the Europe of the third millennium seems incredible and downright exotic. By moving to the city, the family faces completely new challenges on all levels, which have different effects - also on the patriarchal structure of the family clan.

Production Countries

Lina Vdovîi

Monica Lazurean-Gorgan

Director of Photography
Radu Ciorniciuc & Mircea Topoleanu

Andrei Gorgan

Gaute Barlindhaug

04:00 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021
Doublefeature „Hush Now Baby, Don‘t You Cry“ – Part 2

2020, Jeanette Nordahl

After the death of her mother, the orphan Ida comes into the care of her aunt. What at first feels like a place of security, however, soon turns out to be the mafia-like clan of a merciless matriarch.

At first, Ida feels at home in her new home and lives together with her three cousins in an environment that seems to be characterized by tenderness and love. Gradually, however, a poisoned clan structure becomes visible beneath the supposed family idyll. Ida eventually finds herself in a circle of violence, addiction, and intimidation. When she realizes that her cousins are acting as brutal debt collectors under her mother's guidance, Ida is torn between her bewilderment at the criminal goings-on and the compassion she feels for her new family.
When Ida witnesses an excess of violence by the brothers, the situation spirals out of control. She faces serious consequences. How far is Ida willing to go for her new family?

"Wildland" is a modern crime drama starring women and a radical reflection on family, loyalty and the cycle of crime and corruption. First and foremost, however, the film tells of the need to belong. Like a maelstrom, a fatal spiral turns, and it seems as if it is impossible for the main character to break this cycle. Ingeborg Topsøe's screenplay inexorably and compellingly drives the plot forward, opening up ever new dark abysses. Her protagonist has to grow from a girl into a woman under the most adverse circumstances, take her life into her own hands and make decisions whose consequences she must also accept responsibility for. In the film, director Jeanette Nordahl finds an approach to a portrayal of violence that she locates surprisingly close to love and tenderness. 90 minutes of high tension.

Production Country

Ingeborg Topsøe

Director of Photography
David Gallego

Michael Aaglund

Frederikke Hoffmeier