03:00 pm Friday, June 18th 2021
Documentary Stadttheater
77 min. OV

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Self Portrait
2020, Margreth Olin, Katja Hogset & Espen Wallin

By putting herself behind the camera, she steps in front of the curtain. Photographer Lene Marie Fossen penetrates to the core of existence with her black-and-white images.
Lene Marie Fossen stopped eating at the age of ten - since then she has suffered from anorexia. In her photographs, she deals with her illness and traces the sense of shame that haunts her. She thus gives her work a compelling truthfulness. "Self Portrait" also tells of Lene Marie Fossen's struggle to survive.
Three directors accompany Lene Marie Fossen's journey over a long period of time. In doing so, they approach the photographer's radiant being in an almost magical way and do not allow the audience to remain at a safe distance. This closeness not only creates familiarity and empathy - the fragility of her body leads the viewer back to her own search for orientation.

Production Country

Margreth Olin & Katja Hogset

Margreth Olin

Director of Photography
Øystein Mamen, Lars Erlend, Tubaas Øymo, Espen Walli

Helge Billing

Håkon Lammetun

The Directors 

Award-winning Norwegian director and producer Margreth Olin is best known for her documentaries. In 1998, her first feature-length documentary, "In the House of Angels," was released in Norway. Her international breakthrough came with the film "My Body" in 2002. Olin's documentary "Doing Good" is one of the highest-grossing documentaries of all time in Norway.

Katja Høgset graduated from Lillehammer University College in 2014 with the film "The Best." Her first documentary, "Isolation Row" (2018), was seen by 600,000 people on television and sparked a national debate.

Espen Wallin is a Norwegian photographer and filmmaker who worked with Lene Marie Fossen for eight years before filming. This made it possible for him to capture the essence of her work in this film.