Konzert und Film - Open Air

08:00 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021

‘s Klane Glücksspiel
Voodoo Jürgens und die Ansa Panier

Voodoo Jürgens has long been one of the great Austrian singer-songwriters. The Tulln-born singer sings his black-humored lyrics in Viennese dialect. After his 2016 single "Heite grob ma Tote aus" (Today we dig up the dead), a regular indie hit, he released his debut album "Ansa Woar." Since then, Voodoo Jürgens has been considered the "Austro-pop hype of the hour" (Musikexpress). The second album "'s klane Glücksspiel" (The little game of chance) was also a big success: loved by the critics, in the charts for weeks and awarded with the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category Album of the Year.

David "Voodoo Jürgens" Öllerer, acc. guit., voc.
Alicia Edelweiss, acc.
Matthias "Bärly" Frey, viol.
Bernd Lichtscheidl electric piano, p.
David "Kadett Schweigbraten" Schweighart, dr.


09:15 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021

The Euphoria Of Being
2019, Réka Szabó

Éva Fahidi was 20 years old when she returned to Hungary from Auschwitz-Birkenau. 49 members of her family had been murdered in the Holocaust, including her mother, father and little sister. She was alone. 

70 years later, at the age of 90, Éva is asked to participate in a dance theater performance about her life. Réka, the director, imagines a duet between Éva and the young, internationally acclaimed dancer Emese. Réka wants to see these two women, young and old, interact on stage to see how their bodies and their stories can intertwine. Éva immediately agrees.

Three women - three months - a story of crossing borders. As key moments from Éva's life are distilled into theatrical scenes, a powerful relationship develops between the three women.

The Euphoria of Being shows a dance that transcends time and, with each step, drives into the ground the fascism of then as well as that of now, searching for a future in the commonality of the present and the past. A film that touches the soul and leaves us with a smile and courage to face our lives and responsibilities.

Production Country

Sylvie Gadmer, Péter Sass

Rudolf Várhegyi

Balázs Barna


Éva Fahidi
Emese Cuhorka
Réka Szabó

Réka Szabó was born in 1969 in Budpest. She graduated in mathematics and computer science. Today she is the artistic director of The Symptoms, one of the most important contemporary dance theater groups in Hungary. After making two experimental short films, THE EUPHORIA OF BEING is her first feature-length documentary.