Mira Lu Kovacs & Benny Omerzell
Walking Concert

06:30 Saturday, June 19th 2021
starts at Stadttheater

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11:15 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021
starts at B├╝rgermeistergarten

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Oliver Hangl's Walking Concerts open up new routes through public and perhaps even private spaces in the city each time, unceremoniously declaring reality an uncontrollable setting for mobile concert stages.

Musical walk, duration approx. 60 minutes


Mira Lu Kovacs & Benny Omerzell 

The singer, guitarist and composer is known through her formations Schmieds Puls, 5K HD, My Ugly Clementine and since 2020 also under her own name ("What Else Can Break", 2021) as a solo artist. In addition, she regularly collaborates with artists of various disciplines, such as in 2019 in the interdisciplinary theater piece "Ganymede" or composes a new corporate sound design for the Belvedere Museum. 

To describe Benny Omerzell solely in terms of his virtuosity on the keys would not do him justice as a musician. He is a creator of sound who is as much at home with the time-based medium of animated film as he is with music. Like a sculptor, he moves in the musical space, adding and taking away, solely to capture the essence of the moment. (Gerald Zagler)