04:00 pm Saturday, June 19th 2021
Feature Film Stadttheater
90 min. OV

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2020, Jeanette Nordahl

After the death of her mother, the orphan Ida comes into the care of her aunt. What at first feels like a place of security, however, soon turns out to be the mafia-like clan of a merciless matriarch.

At first, Ida feels at home in her new home and lives together with her three cousins in an environment that seems to be characterized by tenderness and love. Gradually, however, a poisoned clan structure becomes visible beneath the supposed family idyll. Ida eventually finds herself in a circle of violence, addiction, and intimidation. When she realizes that her cousins are acting as brutal debt collectors under her mother's guidance, Ida is torn between her bewilderment at the criminal goings-on and the compassion she feels for her new family.
When Ida witnesses an excess of violence by the brothers, the situation spirals out of control. She faces serious consequences. How far is Ida willing to go for her new family?

"Wildland" is a modern crime drama starring women and a radical reflection on family, loyalty and the cycle of crime and corruption. First and foremost, however, the film tells of the need to belong. Like a maelstrom, a fatal spiral turns, and it seems as if it is impossible for the main character to break this cycle. Ingeborg Topsøe's screenplay inexorably and compellingly drives the plot forward, opening up ever new dark abysses. Her protagonist has to grow from a girl into a woman under the most adverse circumstances, take her life into her own hands and make decisions whose consequences she must also accept responsibility for. In the film, director Jeanette Nordahl finds an approach to a portrayal of violence that she locates surprisingly close to love and tenderness. 90 minutes of high tension.

Production Country

Ingeborg Topsøe

Director of Photography
David Gallego

Michael Aaglund

Frederikke Hoffmeier

Jeanette Nordahl graduated from the independent film school Super16 in 2012, and her graduation film "Waiting for Phil" was nominated for a Danish Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2013. During her studies, she worked as a second unit director and assistant director on acclaimed Danish films such as "The Keeper of Lost Causes" (2013), "The Absent One" (2014) and the multi-award winning television series "Borgen" (2010). Her debut short film "Nylon" premiered as "Nordic Short Film Favourite" at the Gothenburg International Film Festival in 2016. "Wildland" is Jeanette Nordahl's feature film debut.